City Animals-Urban Wildlife

by admin on September 23, 0207

Every city has many different kinds of animals living in it. Depending on the location of the city there are urban creatures living in the gardens, in the parks in our backyards. Where I live, in Toronto we have several kinds of animals living in the city. Most of the animals are mammals, such as the raccoon, the skunk and the squirrel and other wildlife. Toronto, just like every other city, also has many wild birds such as pigeons.

It is fascinating how these critters have adapted. There are any opportunities for these small animals to find food in the city. They feed in gardens, in parks and of course by eating city waste. There are humane ways of dealing with them. Just get someone to perform animal control. As the city of Toronto is full of wildlife we need to find ways to co-exist without hurting these animals. Your best bet is to just get someone to deal with the animal who knows what they are doing and will not hurt the animal. [click to continue…]